At Zarif Polymer Company, skills have been gathered to design, supply and distribute health-oriented products and capture the largest possible market share, making the laboratory and medical center the best place for diagnosis and treatment.

About Zarifpolymer Sepahan co.


Zarif Polymer Sepahan Co. is one of the largest and most modern manufacturing companies in the field of medical, laboratory and dental equipment in the country. .

The company has established two geographical locations (Mobarakeh and Shahreza) in Isfahan to cover the region and entrepreneurship.

Sepahan Zarif Polymer Company has started to produce polymer products used in medicine since 1995. The company focuses on the production and supply of these products with the desired quality and then in order to gain the satisfaction, trust and confidence of its customers, improve organizational performance and with the aim of observing and implementing international requirements and rules related to medical products and systems. It has established and implemented quality management based on ISO9001: 2015 and ISO13485: 2016 standards at the organizational level.

The company has succeeded in obtaining the relevant licenses from the General Directorate of Medical Equipment by implementing the requirements of Good Production Conditions (GMP), creating a Clean Room and establishing quality management systems (ISO13485). It also provides customers with the highest quality products using the latest equipment in the world and high quality raw materials.

On the other hand, in recent decades, science and technology have progressed more rapidly than ever before; therefore, since the process of economic and social development of a country is determined by its human resources, Zarif Polymer Sepahan Company has tried with continuous training and Update, increase the technical knowledge of your forces in line with technology.

And now, relying on more than two decades of experience and knowledge of human capital, Zarif Polymer Sepahan Company has been able to expand its activities in international markets in addition to domestic markets.

The continuous presence of Zarif Polymer Sepahan Company in domestic and foreign events and attracting up-to-date knowledge has made it possible to use all its potential and stabilize its position among domestic and foreign producers.

Human Capital

Relying on its knowledge and experience and attracting human capital, Zarif Polymer Sepahan Company has been able to offer an effective step towards national products and providing the best quality in the market in the process and implementation of related specialties in the field of activity.

Team Founder

Dr. Seyed Mehdi Ahmadi and Engineer Ali Akbar Ahmadi


Mr. Ghasemi and Mr. Ahmadi


Factory setup


Initiation of medical products


Start producing laboratory products


Production of nasopharyngeal disease prevention products begins


Obtaining ISO 9001 Process Control Management Certificate


Establishment of sterilization unit


Obtaining ISO 13485 certificate for quality management of medical products


Start of export


Making Clean Rome


Dolphin Dolphin Spell Design


Obtaining a CE certificate


Mandatory standard from the country’s standard organization

The main delicate activity of polymer


Sepahan Zarif Polymer Company is the largest producer of four hospital equipment in Iran in the perspective of 1400, which produces 50% of the total needs of the country’s medical centers. Relying on production power, excellent quality and responsiveness, we have been the top exporter of four hospital equipment to neighboring countries in the 1400 perspective.

Company values

Zarif Polymer believes that the customer determines the future policy of the company. For this purpose, we try to identify and understand the needs of customers, use modern technologies and provide new solutions to meet the needs of customers and the market in the shortest possible time. .

Innovative and quality production in accordance with the customer’s request at a reasonable price
Preparation and operation of first class materials
Health-oriented products
Motivate the production competition in the country
Utilizing experienced and thoughtful experts
Quick response to customer request
Honesty and honesty in all matters