BEKR products

Throughout past 23 years, skillful doctors have realized that BEKR never use low quality and cheap raw materials in any of its sensitive product portfolio. Our state of the art engineering processes and controls do not tolerate any tiny misconduct in exchange of financial profit. We are fully responsible to physicians, nurses, patients and society. Zarifpolymer also believes that its biggest capital is its customers ‘trust, which we strongly preserve and do not allow to be besmirched.



Unfortunately, and contrary to our core values, there are still some clinics and hospitals who prefer money over people’s health. The following short funny clip tells a comic story of those wrongdoers. To make society aware of the hazards of the nonhygienic medical devices, we highly appreciate you to share this clip with others.

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Since its founding in 1995, Zarifpolymer has become the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of consuming and disposable medical products, nationwide. To fully meet international healthcare requirements, we have implemented a robust Total Quality Management (TQM) system in accordance with ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 standards. The company has also been granted several national and international quality credentials that accredited our products’ quality threshold required to enter into European markets.