About Us


Zarif Polymer Sepahan Co. has started to manufacture polymeric disposable products for medical use since 1995 focusing on optimized quality products. To achieve satisfaction, trust and confidence of our customers and improve our organizational performance, we have established a quality management system based on ISO9001: 2015 and ISO13485: 2003 standards at the organization. The more motivated to improve the quality of products and the possibility of entering international markets obtained the CE quality was Europe. The company products are consist of in four portfolio hospitals, gynecology, and

1990: Company Formation

1995: Founding team formed: Dr. Seyyed Mehdi Ahmadi (Chairman), Mr. Ali Akbar Ahmadi (Mechanical Eng.?) and Ghasemi and Mr. Ahmadi:

1995: Factory setup

1996: Production of medical (hospital, disposable) products:

1997: Production of labware products

1998: Production of products preventing transmission of nosocomial diseases

2002: Acquiring ISO 9001 certificate (process management control)

2003: Establishment of sterilization unit: 2003

2004: Acquiring ISO 13485 certificate (quality management in medical products)

2006: The first party exported

2007: Establishment of Clean Room

2008: Design of speculum (dolphin type)